Simply not Simple, is a simple blog about the simply not simple life that most of us live (trying say that five times fast). Here you will find everything from lifestyle tips and traveling posts, to fun recipes for your kitchen. You will also find posts about things in life we all deal with and can relate with each other on such as romance, beauty issues, and is it normal for hair to be growing there? Welcome to a very simply yet not simple thing we call life.

The Real Story.

You can call me Gigi. Growing up in a very well known and successful family, I always felt like the odd duck out. Following the path my family had planned for me was not really my thing. After a few years of rebelling... writing, relating with people and helping others feel loved are the three things that have stuck with me through my wild (and I mean wild phases). So here is to not feeling alone, and knowing that at least one person ( that's me), and others who comment and come hangout here with us, are always there for eachother! Cheers, darling!